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Counselling services are provided to individuals over the age of 18 years old who are residents of Ontario or Nova Scotia. 


At this time all services are delivered virtually through live secure video-conferencing method.

The Process


Book your Free Initial Consultation 

Book a free 15-20 minute phone consultation to discuss what you hope to achieve from counselling and address any questions you may have to be sure this a right fit and partnership.


Complete the Initial Assessment

The initial assessment consists of one session during which we discuss the problems you are currently experiencing in more detail, what your goals are in therapy, and recommended treatment options are discussed.


Attend Ongoing Sessions

Ongoing individual sessions are typically scheduled on weekly or bi-weekly basis and will focus around the individualized counselling plans that are established around your specific needs with the overall goal of achieving your therapeutic goal(s).


Conclude Therapy

Once you feel that your therapy goals are met or when it feels right your therapy sessions can be concluded. Many find it helpful to book periodical 'booster' sessions to help maintain the gained  benefits. 

What is Virtual Counselling like? 

Online Socializing_edited.jpg

The structure and the format of the online sessions are the same as in-person appointments, with the only difference being that you are attending confidential appointments through live and secure video-conferencing sessions from the convenience and privacy of your preferred location. 

A confidential, secure, and easy to use online platform is used to host our meetings, which is compliant with the Ontario privacy regulations.

To attend your virtual sessions you will require:

A device (computer, tablet, or phone) with a camera and microphone

Access to high speed internet connection

You will be sent a link for your appointments, where you can access your sessions.There is no need to download a software.

Virtual Counselling is also known as Online counselling, Video Counselling, Telehealth, Telementalhealth or Teleconferencing, which refers to provision of counselling services through technology-assisted media.

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*Please note that video counselling does not provide emergency or crisis counselling services and is not suitable for clients with complex conditions or serious psychiatric disorders, or those who are at risk of harming themselves or others. In case of emergency please contact 911.

Online Counselling may be a good option for those who have ...

Privacy needs

  • are not comfortable or are apprehensive about attending in-person sessions

  • need increased privacy


Practical Issues

  • have a busy schedule and/or limited personal time

  • transportation issues

  • want to save the time and cost of traveling

  • have childcare needs or caregiver responsibilities

  • convenience



Mobility issues preventing them from traveling

Medical and/or Mental Health symptoms

  • flareups or episodes making it difficult leaving the house

  • health vulnerabilities

  • potential safety needs at home


Geographical/access issues

  • live in a remote area

  • no physical access to a trained specialist 

Session Rates



15-20 Minutes

Phone consultation to answer any questions you may have and to get to know each other

Initial Assessment 



60 Minutes

Our first session during which we discuss the problems you are currently experiencing in more detail, what your goals are in therapy, and the recommended treatment options

Ongoing Sessions 


50- 60 Minutes

Ongoing weekly or bi-weekly sessions focusing around individualized counselling plans that are established around your specific needs

ALL services are tax EXEMPT, as Social Work services are HST exempt under Revenue Canada legislation and receipts can be claimed under medical expenses for tax purposes.

Cancellation Policy

In case of cancellation or rescheduling, please be advised that 48-hour (2 business day) notice is required. In the absence of advance notice, the full session fee will be charged.

Method of Payment

Payments are accepted through e-transfers and credit cards and are due at the start of the sessions.

Extended Benefits

Many private insurance companies cover the cost of counselling or psychotherapy services with Registered Social Workers through an extended insurance benefit from your work or a family member's plan. Please check with your individual provider.

*If you are a post-secondary student you may also be eligible for government funds to cover the cost of counselling. Please connect with me for more information! 


Receipts will be provided to you in order to submit a claim to your insurance provider for personal reimbursement.

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